Caleb Nolan and Partners are a premium asset manager company ranking at the top of the Hong Kong financial industry. The followings are the business lines in which Caleb Nolan and Partners actively operates: Mutual Funds Management, Pension Funds Management, Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advisory Services.
The primary goal of Caleb Nolan and Partners is to define the financial instruments that are suitable to the risk profile of individual and corporate investors and to manage their portfolio and thus ensure optimum use within this framework.
Caleb Nolan and Partners carries out the mutual funds management business, discretionary portfolio management in compliance with risk/return preferences of the individual or corporate investor as they have defined, and have certain savings in addition to the management of Pension Funds.

Welcome to Caleb Nolan and Partners
Caleb Nolan and Partners is focused on delivering value through in-depth industry structure analysis and company research. With over 100 years of combined investment experience, the research team delivers industry leading expertise.
Our industry approach to investment is based on the understanding that superior long term equity performance is driven by above-average, sustainable earnings growth.
Caleb Nolan and Partners’ investment style can be characterized as having a bias towards industries and companies with above average long term growth prospects. Our Industry approach to investment is based on the understanding that superior long term equity performance is driven by above-average, sustainable earnings growth. Industry structure and the company’s relative position within that industry are critical determinants of that performance. The strategy therefore revolves around identifying companies that have strong positions in structurally attractive, growing industries.
Caleb Nolan and Partners is a firm of professionals dedicated to providing true independent investment advice to individuals, families, foundations and endowments. Our senior team includes investment professionals who are cross-trained in a wide range of financial planning disciplines ensuring our advice complements your full financial picture. Initially, clients hire us to be their investment adviser but over time we earn our way into the role of trusted adviser on a wide array of financial matters.
We believe that providing investment and financial advice is a separate and distinct business from the selling of investment products. As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), we serve clients as a fiduciary. Our responsibility and our legal obligation are to act for the sole benefit and interest of our clients. We do not accept any product commissions, soft dollars or any other form of compensation from our recommended managers, mutual funds or custodians.
We are employee-owned and have no parent or affiliated partner companies hindering our decision making. Our leadership spans multiple generations ensuring consistent, high-touch, personalized services for our clients well into the future.

Our Values
We are guided by six basic principles:
Independence - We only sell our advice, not investment products, and we embrace the highest ethical values of truth, honesty, and professionalism.
Objectivity - Our advice is unbiased and free from any conflict of interest.
Passion - We have a pervasive and unrelenting desire to do things the right way and to see our clients succeed.
Knowledge - We seek to create understanding through experience, learning, and listening.
Respect - For our clients, our professional colleagues, and for each other.
Excellence - In everything we do.

The Caleb Nolan and Partners Team
Caleb Nolan and Partners’ greatest value to clients is our team of professionals. We enter into every client relationship with the intention of serving as the trusted adviser for multiple generations. Earning that level of trust and longevity requires a very personal, customized and consistent service approach.
Caleb Nolan and Partners have created a working environment to attract and retain top talent. We hire for the long run. This approach provides a measure of continuity across all levels of a client's service team that is uncommon in the investment industry. It also ensures that clients are served by professionals who know them and their unique situation.

What We Do
We work with clients as a consultant, helping them to reach their long-term financial goals. We use our in-depth knowledge of the investment markets and the wide range of financial planning expertise on our staff to evaluate a client’s full financial picture and provide holistic, integrated investment advice.
Caleb Nolan and Partners serves as a financial intermediary for clients, providing access to the very best investment managers at a negotiated fee rate. Our dedicated research team is solely focused on the due diligence and ongoing monitoring required to successfully navigate an increasingly complex world of investment options and strategies.

The Caleb Nolan name
The Caleb Nolan name captures the spirit of exploring for wealth, which is what we do for our investors.
The areas where our company is strong and builds up a competitive advantage
The areas, where - Caleb Nolan and Partners is strong and builds up a competitive advantage are the following:

An Innovative Culture:
New products are being launched and it is targeted to sign off the firsts in this regard. Within this framework different versions of principal protected funds were launched and also hedge funds as well as foreign security funds.

Wide Distribution Network:
A new practice was commenced in Taiwan by distributing the managed funds through other channels as well and addition of new channels to the existing ones was set as one of the most important targets.

Staff Quality
High level of experience and skill of the staff, with a majority having international experience, is a great advantage.

Achievement at special funds
It is the portfolio management company, which has the greatest share in total funds requiring management skills.

Complete compliance with regulations
The Internal Control and risk department, which is under the responsibility of a manager who has worked at regulatory and auditory authorities, conducts its operations according to current legislation, communiqués and code of conduct of the company (defined limits).

Customer Focused Service Concept
It is targeted to get benefit from the wide product range offered by Caleb Nolan and Partners by analyzing the risk perception and the expectations on return of customers.